VM Zinc



The VMZINC® brand name represents a full range of Titanium-Zinc products in the form of sheets, coils and manufactured products and systems. This international brand belongs to the Building Products Unit of the UMICORE Group.

VMZINC offers distinctive and original surface aspects. This warm, luminous, highly expressive material responds freely to the play of light, its colors shifting to reflect the changing hues of the sky. Because of its mechanical and aesthetic flexibility, it lends itself to the creation of an often original, sometimes unexpected, but always happy marriage with other materials: wood, brick, cement, glass, etc.

Umicore Building Products manufactures and markets rolled zinc and pre-formed products that can be divided into four main areas of application:

  1. 1.  Roofing and Cladding
  2. 2.  Waterproofing Flashings and Roof Ventilation
  3. 3.  Rainwater Systems
  4. 4.  Ornamentation and Decoration